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Q&A With Kevin Pelton Of Basketball Prospectus: Nate Robinson's Impact, Developing Klay Thompson & Other Player Projections


Pro Basketball Prospectus - and their work on BasketballProspectus.com - it is like an encyclopedia of NBA statistics and team analysis for the season. perhaps you can consider this Q&A with PBP...

College Basketball Prospectus 2011-2012 On Sale Now


Featuring 343 pages of tempo-free goodness, College Basketball Prospectus 2011-2012 will make you a smarter fan.

The Dig: Can't Wait for Happy Hour & UTEP vs. Tulsa Round 2 Edition


The Dig is your best UTEP and C-USA Round-Up.

YABB prediction model likes St. John's basketball to improve


Yet Another Basketball Blog (YABB) has been going through conference previews, using a model that writer Dan Hanner has crafted to predict teams' finishes. He predicts the efficiencies of teams...

Basketball Prospectus Rates Kobe as League's Second-Best Defender

Grading individual defensive performance - not just blocks and steals but the whole of a player's game at that end of the floor - is one of the most difficult things that hoops analysts attempt to tackle. It hasn't been solved and remains more art than science. But Bradford Doolittle, one of the geniuses over at Basketball Prospectus, has developed a thoughtful and sophisticated model to do just that, and today (in an article you can reach through the link above) he listed who he calculates to be the NBA's 17 best individual defenders this season. Three Lakers make the list. Lamar Odom checks in at #15, Ron Artest at #11 and Kobe Bryant all the way up at #2, just behind Dwight Howard. Bradford's piece is a good read if you're into statistical modeling. Or just, you know, basketball.

BP names '08-'09 Cavaliers 4th best team of the decade


From Basketball Prospectus: 4. 2008-09 Cleveland Cavaliers (10.0 rating | +8.9 regular-season differential | +11.1 adjusted playoff differential) Because it ended in the Eastern Conference Finals, last year's Cavaliers team will be remembered by history as a disappointment. Still, from a purely statistical standpoint, Cleveland was a great team. The Cavaliers posted the second-best regular-season differential of the decade en route to winning 66 games, then rampaged through the first two rounds of the playoffs, sweeping overmatched Detroit and Atlanta teams. Then everything went wrong in the Eastern Conference Finals, but Cleveland was still barely outplayed by a very good Orlando team in a series that turned on matchups and poorly timed shooting slumps for the Cavaliers' guards. I'm willing to believe that, despite not reaching the NBA Finals, Cleveland was the best non-champion of the decade. Were the Cavaliers better than several champions? I'm not sure I agree with that.

Hey look! I'm on Basketball Prospectus!


No, they did not ask me to do a tempo-free writeup of Klay Thompson's awesomeness, or Reggie Moore's freakish free throw rate. (Yet.) Instead, John Gasaway just referred to one of my tweets at the bottom of this post. Hey, it's a start. I know a staff writing position can't be far behind.

Final SCHOENE projection for the Wolves


Final SCHOENE projections

Basketball Prospectus "Outliers" Article


Good discussion of the huge gap in player usage rate on offense of Memphis (very high) and Houston (very low w/o Yao, TMac). For the stats oriented amongst us, this is the defining question of Houston's 2009-2010 season.

Essential reading before tonight's games


Basketball Prospectus has done some awesome, awesome work since Selection Sunday, and if you're not reading their stuff, you should be. The link above goes to previews of all the Sweet 16 games by John Gasaway, while this story by Ken Pomeroy evaluates the statistical probabilities of each of the remaining teams to advance and perhaps win the tournament. It also includes fun (read: awesomely obscure) statistical facts about each team.

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