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Weis' apology acceptance adds to homophobia?


It's been interesting and educational to read the reaction from various corners of the media to the "fag-bomb" dropped by Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin last week. Jon Pyle, a blogger for...

Hawaii coach suspended for faggot comment


The University of Hawaii handed down a multi-pronged action against football coach Greg McMackin for his "faggot" comment at a Thursday press conference. Among other things, the coach is suspended...

AUDIO: CougCenter Podcast - Stephen Tsai Interview


An interview previewing the Cougs’ upcoming game against Hawaii with Honolulu Advertiser beat writer Stephen Tsai. Topics covered include Hawaii’s close season-opening win over FCS school Central...

Hawaii Warriors coach Greg McMackin suspended 30 days for gay slur against Notre Dame Fighting Irish - ESPN


I have a hard time articulating my feelings on this. On the one hand, I wholly reject mean-spirited use of homosexual slurs in all their forms and in all their contexts. On the other hand, I am not naive. I know this sort of thing goes on in locker rooms and in team meetings and in football dorms all over the country every day. I don't like it, but homophobia is undoubtedly a deeply ingrained part of the football culture. We have a group of super-macho and very young alpha males on every football team. I imagine there is very little discussion of the works of Gore Vidal or David Sedaris. Which is to say, we would have to be incredibly blind to think that college football locker rooms are areas of progressive thought. It is a place where it is common, probably even essential, to foster a culture of testosterone fueled superiority over others. We all quietly accept this, but no one likes it to be exposed in such an ugly way, for which we can blame Greg McMackin. Are we all hypocrites for accepting this so long as it is kept quiet?

"Are you there, God? It's me, Greg McMackin."


"Are you there, God? It's me, Greg McMackin."

WAC Football Preview 2009: News and notes from Day Two


I wish WAC media days would never end. Greg McMackin wishes they would end yesterday.

And the NUGie Punchline of the Year goes to ...


The first annual NUGie awards are a celebration of the players, plays, moments, and memories from the past year of Boise State football. Get backstage information on the OBNUG Facebook group, and...

WAC recap: McMackin actually leads Hawaii to a bowl


The Hawaii Warriors are going bowling, much to the surprise of everyone outside of Hawaii and probably even to the surprise of Hawaii head coach Greg McMackin. Courtesy of a 24-10 win over...

Reason #73 for why Hawaii has changed


Old Hawaii ... New Hawaii ... Now with more diabetes! Previously: Reason #72: Statewide depression following Rob Schneider's appearance in 50 First Dates Next: Reason #74: Tyler Graunke's...

Opponent preview: not your grandpa's Hawaii


OBNUG’s game previews are written by reader-turned-contributor Stephen Grettenberg. Because not every article should contain pinings for Marty Tadman. Hawaii vs. Boise State A couple of weeks...

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