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Cougars Add Richard Peters to Signing Class - The Washington State University Official Athletic Site


As expected. The 2012 class is now probably complete, although there is one more scholarship available. It's hard to imagine Ken Bone won't keep looking around, but I don't think he's exactly itching to hand out that fifth scholarship to just anyone, either.

Live chat with WSU men's basketball coach Ken Bone


Hey, don't miss this! It is a live chat on the 7th of October which is Thursday of homecoming before we play the Ducks in football.

A conversation with WSU's Ken Bone - SportsLink - Spokesman.com - Sept. 23, 2010


I don't want to bury Craig's amazing post below, but this is a great read as well -- if you're in the mood for some hoops.

Scout.com: BREAKING: Rising Tacoma-area CG goes crimson


Devonte Lacy from Curtis High School in University Place. The above article is behind the pay wall, but you can find out a tiny bit about him down a bit in this story. (h/t SoCalCoug)

STALWICK: Lay off Bone


I don't always agree with everything Howie writes, but those of you that have been around here this season know where I stand on this topic. There's only one way he could have made this column stronger: By pointing out that Tony Bennett obviously must also have forgotten how to coach, since his team that started 14-6 and 5-2 in the ACC has now lost nine straight.

Bone on with KJR's Mitch in the Morning


I haven't listened to it yet, so I don't know if there's much new in there. I did hear a brief clip on my way to work this morning about Bone saying they would try to identify the kids who want a college town atmosphere to recruit -- sound familiar? -- and that he didn't think he and Romar would tangle on the recruiting trail too often because of that. Interesting.

S-R: Meet Ken Bone


Vince Grippi has put together a fantastic get-to-know-you feature of Bone for the S-R's Sunday edition. He posted the unedited version on SportsLink; do yourself a favor and spend five minutes reading it. It will enrich your understanding of who this guy is as a person. Great stuff.

Casto on KJR with Elise


WSU10 posted this on CF.C, but I didn't see it here. Enjoy.

WSUCougars.com: Q&A with Ken Bone


I'll see your spring football Q&A and raise you a Q&A with the new basketball coach. Basically, it's the same sort of answers he gave at the press conference.

Grippi's morning story on Bone hiring


From the guy who broke the story today, a few more nuggets. Including: -- A WSU source who says he's "the right guy for us" who is "a great fit here." -- Xavier Thames' personal spokesman, er, dad, not exactly giving a ringing endorsement for the hire. -- Sterk saying he thinks there is a good chance of assistants being retained.

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