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Pac-12 Expansion: Texas Must Capitulate The Longhorn Network To Join


The Texas Longhorns have to fold in the Longhorn Network into the Pac-12 regional television deal if they ever plan on being invited to the conference.

Larry Scott: The Leader The NCAA Needs But Doesn't Deserve [SBN BA]


First he revolutionized the Pac-12. Is the NCAA next? (For those wondering what I'm talking about, check out these articles by Andy Staples and Stewie Mandel.) For those not interested with the serious, ask yourself: Is Larry Scott the real-life Batman?

Comparing The ACC's TV Deal To The Other Five BCS Conferences


Comparing the ACC's TV deal to the other five BCS conferences. We can't exactly claim poverty here, but ...

Does The Pac-12 TV Deal Affect Likelihood Of A College Football Playoff?


Does the Pac-12 TV deal take us one step closer to a potential college football playoff and take us further away from the BCS inhabiting the rest of our lives?

Report: New Big East TV Deal Worth More With Villanova


According to Mike Jensen of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the new Big East TV deal that is being discussed would be worth more with Villanova in it than with Houston or Central Florida.

Pac-12 TV Deal: Is Cal-Stanford Big Game Week Potentially Moving Even Earlier?


The Big Game between the California Golden Bears and the Stanford Cardinal could be moved from the week before Thanksgiving to other times during the season.

SBN College on the New Pac-12 TV Deal


SB Nation's college blogs look at the details of the new Pac-12 TV deal, and other news of the day.

Pac-12 TV Contract Revenue Will Spur Facilities Boom At WSU


Washington State athletic director Bill Moos has been consistent about what he's going to do with this cash windfall from the new Pac-12 TV contract: It's going into facilities, starting with the...

The Pac-12 TV Deal

It is hard to argue that Larry Scott didn't put together a good deal for the conference. The LA Times has some of the particulars... Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott said the deal leaves room for...

PAC-12 TV DEAL: What Does This Mean For Viewers?


Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott has pulled off a deal that will make your day-to-day life as a college sports fan better than it's ever been.

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