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PAC-10 TV CONTRACT: FSN/FCS Scheduling Provides Unintentional Humor/Frustration


A displaced Coug fan's rant on FSN and the Pac-10 TV contract. #WSU

PRESENTED BY Clone296120325_931644673_fs1_logo

Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

ESPN predicts only 2 Pac-10 team in the Big Dance


In Joe Lunardi's first bracket of the season, he has only two Pac-10 team competing in the big dance, Washington: 5 seed in the Midwest @ Spokane, and Cal: 9 seed in the South @ Oklahoma City

THE MORNING PAPER: Anderson keeps his eyes on the prize


CougCenter brings you the best of what's around the Internet this morning, including Jeshua Anderson continuing his march to win another NCAA title.

LA Times: Q&A with new Pac-10 commish


Apparently, the vogue thing is to do Q&A with important people, rather than take the time to compose a story. Sometimes, though, the unfiltered nature can be pretty cool, as is the case with this one -- a must read if you're interested in how the Pac-10 will be different under Larry Scott's leadership. One thing you'll notice right away? This guy is far from the typical NCAA cronie that mans so many of these positions across the country. He's a business man, pure and simple, and his business is clearly to make the conference a better business. I love it.

More on the hiring of Larry Scott


CougCenter rounds up the reaction to the hiring of WTA CEO Larry Scott as the Pac-10's new commissioner. The consensus? The conference made a great hire.

The Pac-10 picks its new commissioner


The Pac-10 has picked its successor to the conference's throne, and CougCenter is cautiously optimistic that the new guy can do what his predecessor couldn't.

Condoleezza Rice for Pac-10 commish?


Not sure how I feel about this. Will she be as forward thinking as the conference needs? The one thing she'll definitely have going for her is a built-in respect level when it comes to her recommendations to the conference, so you have to figure the presidents will listen to her. She also should be a great negotiator with potential TV partners. I dunno. She's got to be better than any internal candidate, I would think.

Pac 10 basketball slowing down


Basketball Prospectus has an article up about the Pac 10 becoming the slowest major conference in basketball. It's not just Bennett-Ball anymore - OSU, USC, ASU and UCLA all join us as teams averaging less than 60 possessions per game. The article is mostly in fun, though the author does point out that recruits may not be so excited to join us out west if this trend continues!

Pac-10 Weekend Wrap


CougCenter.com breaks down the weekend that was in the Pac-10, where you stand a better chance of catching Jack Bauer than making sense of this conference.

Pac-10 might not be as top heavy, but might be just as deep


The Pac-10 might lack the marquee players and teams it had last year, but this conference might be as deep and competitive as it ever has been.

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