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Wulff leads Cougars out of abyss - Pac-10 Blog - ESPN


Ted Miller: The latest to advocate for Paul Wulff's fourth year.

Ted Miller: Don't be surprised if the Cougs...


Ted Miller giving some love for WSU and a history lesson. Although he picked WSU to finish last, he thinks the Cougs will take a step up and surprise some people. He also draws some parallels to Price and the late 1990's teams. Miller's got some high praise. I hope he's right.

WSUCougars.com: Paul Wulff chat transcript


So I completely forgot about the chat with Wulff this morning on the official site. Since I whiffed on reminding all of you it was going on, I present you with the transcript of the chat you likely missed.

GRIPPI: Players have Wulff’s back


We might as well get this one out of the way now. Grippi took on the task of examining Wulff on the hot seat by talking to the players and Bill Moos. Not surprisingly, those Grippi talked to were in full support of Wulff and optimistic about the Cougs' chances. From the sounds of it, Wulff will be allowed to do his work and continue what he started to do: rebuild the program from the ground up. He also includes a look around the Pac-10, link style. I hope Grippi auto-posted this because a 5:00 AM story on a Sunday takes some serious dedication. Another reminder of why he's the best.

Scout.com: BREAKING: Cougs land ready to play DT


Back during Spring practices, I said we were thin on the D Line. Paul Wulff heard me, adding yet another DT to the 2010 class. Al Lapuaho is a DT from Hawaii. He should contribute right away and has 4 years to play 3. Since Wulff can read my mind: Go sign a 5 star running back and WR. Let's see if this works.

Scout.com: BREAKING: Cougs land their QB

Note: Read Grady's LeBron post below this. Cody Clements joins the class of 2011 with a verbal to Paul Wulff tonight. Clements stats from last year: 120-191 2,150 yards, 29 TD, 5 INTS. He also won the regional title (Cal is too big for state) his junior year. This brings the total to 12 on July 8th. We're flying. EDIT NUSS: I've updated the recruiting page. Couple of good videos on him out there.

Walking on for kicks - Spokesman.com - July 3, 2010


Jake Miller is joining the Cougs as a preferred walk-on this fall and the SR has a nice piece on him. He's a Spokane native and graduate of Central Valley high. Hopefully Jake will pick up where Reid Forrest leaves off after graduation and perhaps bring some stability to the place-kicking game. Thanks to Jake's father for passing along the link.

From the Hot Seat: Wulff still searching for silver lining at Wazzu - Dr. Saturday


I think this a fair take on the Wulff situation, which even has a little input from our friends over at WSUFB. The only thing that I think is a little misrepresented is the actual hotness of the seat -- a lot of outsiders don't know that Moos was on the committee that recommended Wulff, and that Moos was reportedly one of his strongest proponents. Unless they totally embarrass themselves this year, I think Wulff gets one more after this one.

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