Get to know Sherman Hutcherson, defensive lineman

WSU Athletic Communications

The walk-on might never see the field for WSU, but that won't stop us from writing about him.

You've likely never heard of Sherman Hutcherson before. That's OK -- I hadn't either until I saw his name on the spreadsheet Mark put together for the player profile assignments.

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Hutcherson is a walk-on and he'll be a redshirt freshman this year. It turns out, finding information about Hutcherson isn't all that easy, since WSU often doesn't write up bios for its walk-on players. He doesn't have his own player profile page on the website, and there's no mug shot in the photo archives. That didn't stop us for digging for a few nuggets.

Let's get to know Sherman Hutcherson.

Hutcherson's WSU Career

We don't know anything about Hutcherson's WSU career other than this: He's a walk-on from Mt. Si High School in Snoqualmie, Wash., whose most remarkable attribute is that he's 5-foot-9. That is not a typo on the WSU roster, as near as I can tell.

He does not seem to have been recruited out of high school at all, but he does have a Hudl page with high school highlights. The vast majority of the clips are of him playing center, and he spends a surprising amount of time putting defenders -- many of them bigger than him -- on their backs. It's not hard to see why the staff would want him around, despite his size: He's tenacious.

As far as his contributions to the program, we presume he has spent lots of time in his short WSU career playing hard on the scout team and setting a good example during the offseason conditioning program, because that's generally what walk-ons are expected to do.

2012 Retrospective

Hutcherson didn't play a snap in a real game, but he did have two sacks in the spring game. Craig pointed out that they were "sacks"; I pointed out that Craig probably was jealous because that's two more "sacks" than he's had in his entire life.

What to expect in 2013

If Hutcherson sees the field this year, we probably should all just pack up and go home. Forever. Because that means a lot of defensive linemen are otherwise indisposed, and what could we possibly have done to deserve that?

All-Star Tweet

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