WSU Football Recruiting: Isaac Dotson, ATH from Bellevue, flips to WSU from Nevada

Ethan Miller

Isaac Dotson, who is listed as an Athlete but played QB at Newport HS in Bellevue, originally committed to the Wolfpack of Nevada. After taking an official visit this past weekend, he changed his mind.

According to Britton Ransford of WazzuWatch, dual-threat QB/athlete Isaac Dotson has committed to the Washington State Cougars.

While both Scout and ESPN list him as a QB, Rivals lists him as an ATH. Watching his tape, I don't think this is one of those situations where the best player on the team lined up under center because they had no one else. Dotson can play QB. With the addition of Tyler Bruggman, and Austin Apodaca who is already here, I can't fathom why he'd decommit from Nevada in favor of WSU. He would have been a perfect fit at Nevada, and while I don't see him as a QB at WSU, I don't necessarily think it's an automatic he moves to another position, either.

His arm strength is average, but he's accurate. Guess which one of those things is more important. He's also really fast, and at 6'3, 200 pounds, it's not as if he's too small.

Perhaps this is a situation where you sign him now and find a spot for him to play later. He has a lot of raw athleticism, they just might not be sure exactly where he winds up. I suppose if I had to guess, I'd say outside receiver. Because holy cow.

And if that's not enough, check out his Hudl page.

The kid runs like a friggin deer, and his tall, lanky frame reminds me a bit of 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. Watching him run all over the field, I still can't understand why he didn't go to Nevada. Man. He would have been perfect there. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to have such a talented athlete (with a 3.8 GPA to boot), but there has to be something else at play here. Usually, QBs want to stay QBs. Perhaps he'd rather stay in-state, or he was just wowed on his official visit. Whatever the case may be, I'm glad we have him.

Now let's just figure out where the hell he's going to play.


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