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Pac-10 Picks

Only four games! What is this world coming to? There's always Rays/Sox to hold you over on Saturday if you need it. And before you know it, it will be Sunday, with a brand new opponent ready to blow out the Seahawks.

Also, you shouldn't be gambling, but if you do it appears my picks against the spread won't help you. Unless, of course, it's the Cougs, who were the only team I got right in five games last week. I was 4-1 on my game picks, however.

Arizona 30 Stanford 20 (Ariz -7)
Arizona State 13 USC 44 (USC -28.5)
Washington State 14 Oregon State 45 (OSU -30)
UCLA 17 Oregon 37 (Ore -19.5)

Season Record: 28-12
Against the Spread: 16-22

As always, Allez Les Cougs [sips incredibly tiny cup of coffee]:

WSU Rwanda Commercial - Allez Les Cougs (via kylanr)