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Cougar Basketball Fun Fact No. 3

In our continuing effort to look forward to better days, we'll be bringing you one fun fact about the Cougar basketball team each day until the season officially tips off on Nov. 15. Some will be silly, some will be serious, but all will be vital to your knowledge as a Cougar basketball fan.

Did you know ...

... the Cougars do not have a winning all-time record against any Pac-10 opponent?

There is hope! If the Cougs can sweep Arizona State -- WSU currently is 31-32 against the Sun Devils -- then we could have one by the end of the year.

Most of the others will take quite a bit longer. For example, WSU would have to win every game it plays against UCLA for the next 40 years just to get to .500 against the Bruins. (This assumes they only play twice a year; if they see each other for a third time in the Pac-10 Tournament, the Cougs might only have to win every game for the next 38 or 39 years ...)

Here are the other records:

  • Arizona: 13-50
  • Cal: 45-68
  • Oregon: 119-154
  • Oregon State: 115-161
  • Stanford: 55-66
  • UCLA: 13-93
  • USC: 41-61
  • Washington: 98-167

Hat tip to Jessica Schmick and the WSU Sports Information Department.