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Cougar Basketball Fun Fact No. 10

In our continuing effort to look forward to better days, we'll be bringing you one fun fact about the Cougar basketball team each day until the season officially tips off on Nov. 15. Some will be silly, some will be serious, but all will be vital to your knowledge as a Cougar basketball fan.

Did you know ...

... that Tony Bennett will get his wish this year and be able to fly the team via charter on some of the road trips? He has booster Dan Harmon to thank -- Harmon donated $150,000 to the Basketball Excellence Fund to make it happen.

(Yo, Dan -- how about a little donation to the Jeff Nusser/Grady Clapp CougCenter Blog Excellence Fund? We won't ask for six figures. I'm sure we could get by with just a few thousand. C'mon ... you know we're important to the basketball team's success!)

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