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Like USS Mariner? Then help out Dave

If you're like Grady and I and you like USS Mariner, then you have a civic duty to help author Dave Cameron win some well-deserved education money.

Cameron (a student at UNC-Greensboro) is up for a blogger scholarship, and the winner is decided by a simple popular vote at this site. Cameron and his partner, Derek Zumsteg, consistently produce some of the highest quality writing on the Internet, and like us, they do it simply because they love the Mariners and baseball.

Even if you don't read USS Mariner, do us a favor and help out Dave. He's seriously a nice guy, and was really patient with me when I had some questions about their statistical way of looking at baseball. I'm sure there are other nice people in this contest, but he's the only one I can vouch for.

So go vote -- it takes about 10 seconds.