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Cougar Basketball Fun Fact No. 17

In our continuing effort to look forward to better days, we'll be bringing you one fun fact about the Cougar basketball team (almost) each day until the season officially tips off on Nov. 15. Some will be silly, some will be serious, but all will be vital to your knowledge as a Cougar basketball fan.

Did you know ...

... that since 1996, Robbie Cowgill played the most games for WSU -- 194?

That's three more than Kyle Weaver and 18 more than Derrick Low. Nobody on the current roster has a chance of getting past No. 10 on the list, Blake Pengelly (147).*

... that Daven Harmeling is the current leader on the team with 92 games played; Aron Baynes has played in 89. Taylor Rochestie actually has played in the most college basketball games, though -- 97 if you account for his 28 games as a freshman at Tulane.

Hat tip to my own independent verification.

* Sorry about this totally screwed up stat. Johnnycougar is correct that Cowgill played "only" 122 games. I think what happened is that the guy who does had a messed up algorithm that counted overall games and conference games -- so, in other words, the conference games got counted twice. Cowgill played in 18 conference games each of his four years, and when you add those to 122, you get 194.