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OPEN HOOPS GAME THREAD: WSU vs. Mississippi Valley St.


WSU (*used redsirt) Vitals MVSU (*used redsirt) Vitals
G Taylor Rochestie (Sr.*) 6-1/193 G Kevin 6-2/180
G Klay Thompson (Fr.) 6-6/187 G Tashan Newsome
G Nikola Koprivica (Jr.) 6-6/217 F Eric Petty 6-6/220
F Daven Harmeling (Sr.*) 6-7/227 F Shannon Behling 6-7/200
C Aron Baynes (Sr.) 6-10/250 F Amos Sturdivant 6-8/230

Finally. After waiting for what seems like forever -- and waiting through yet another football blowout -- the beginning of the basketball season is (mercifully) finally here.

The Delta Devils come to town as a team that's fresh off getting soundly beaten by Arizona State last night, 80-64. The Sun Devils led that game by as much as 20 points and the final margin doesn't necessarily scream blowout, but that game was never really in doubt as ASU ran out to an early lead and never looked back.

This is a good opener for the Cougs. MVSU is playing for the second night in a row on its Get Paid and Raise Money for Our Poor Athletic Department Tour. That in and of itself is rare in college basketball, for obvious reasons. But when you throw in the fact that they've traveled from Tempe to Pullman for their second game in as many nights against a team playing its season opener ... well, I wouldn't count on the Delta Devils putting up much of a fight.

I'll be looking for the same things you are tonight. Who gets minutes, how many do they get, and how do they play in those minutes? Don't be surprised to see a lot of mixing and matching by Bennett, who has shown over the past two years that he's not afraid to throw out different combos and see what sticks. This is the first of what essentially amounts to a four-game preseason before real competition begins, and Bennett will likely be trying to build towards that matchup with Mississippi State.

I've listed the probable starters below, but in truth, this is my best guess. I don't know who started on Tuesday, and the WSU press release doesn't list probable starters.

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