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APPLE CUP: Give us your best joke!

Welcome to Apple Cup week here at CougCenter! We'll have more football content than usual throughout the week, but befitting a pair of teams that have become the laughingstock of college football, it seemed only appropriate that we would kick it off with a post about ... jokes.

So, hit us with your best clean University of Washington humor. Here's how we'd like it to work:

  1. If you've got a run-of-the-mill joke that's good for a chuckle -- you know, the kind that would work when you insert any school -- post it in the comments of this post.
  2. But, if you've got a good one that you think deserves special recognition, put it in a FanPost. If it passes the CougCenter sniff test, it'll get promoted to the front page, right next to our stuff, where it belongs. (Yes, we have that kind of power around here!) If you're not familiar with how to put up a FanPost, it's easy -- just click on the "New FanPost" link under the CougCenter logo.

By the way, deciding which jokes get promoted will also require a little bit of participatory democracy on your part. If you like a joke, give it a "Rec" at the end of the post. The joke that gets the most recs will get a little special CougCenter recognition at the end of the week. (By the way, you can "Rec" any post. Just a thought.)

To kick us off, here's my best offering. I like it because it's kind of like me -- quasi-original and funny ... but only mildly so.

Did you hear that new UW AD Scott Woodward wants to replace the field turf at Husky Stadium with cardboard?

It's true. Apparently the Huskies always look better on paper.

That's my best shot. I know you can do better. So let us have it.