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Doba's players might really be as bad as Wulff makes them sound

Interesting piece I ran across today at the lightly posted Wazzu Cougs Sports Blog, in which the author, Crimson Coug, writes about a conversation he recently had with an unnamed current player in one of his classes.

It's only one player, and it's only one conversation, but still ... if this is how much of the team is approaching football, Wulff's constant refrain of the need for a culture change seems to ring a little more true.

A quick excerpt:

This player sat bitching and moaning about how hard the coaching staff expects this team to study and work at getting better at football and in the classroom. ... In his mind, it seemed inconcievable that the coaching staff would keep track of who was taking advantage of the training table and who wasn't, and he just couldn't understand the big deal. ... As far as he was concerned it was too much to ask that players stay on top of their training, and that their efforts, or lack thereof were being recorded.

Now, I can't vouch for the accuracy of the post, which includes many more details of the conversation. But it seems to fit right in line with what we've heard all along: many of Doba's guys just aren't buying into Wulff's program. Like most, I think Wulff has made his share of mistakes this year. BUT, changing the culture and holding players accountable is most certainly not one of them.