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CougCenter attempts to make you more excited about basketball than you already are

Last spring, I ran of series of my "Top 10 Cougar Plays" from last year's basketball season. [Honest to God, if I do a football version this year, "Reid Forrest punts the ball" might just be one of the them]

So, in an effort to make you even more amped about the return of Bennett Ball, let's start counting down the plays one more time. We'll stop with #6, our first play with video still available:

#10: D-Low caps Baylor comeback

#9: Forrest dunks on NC A&T

#8: Weaver denies James Harden’s attempt at a game-winner

#7: Rochestie-to-Cowgill sinks the Ducks

#6 Kyle Weaver does this:

Video courtesy of WSUCougarHoops on YouTube; Fox Sports Network