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About yesterday's scrimmage

I really really really wanted to attend yesterday's men's basketball scrimmage, which was played out in front of 1,600 fans in Bohler Gym. I couldn't. I did go to the football game, which was the event in Pullman on Saturday that I was less excited about.

Fortunately, other people went to the game, and they can provide a better account. Grippi here (scroll down), Cougfan with some good commentary here, and my personal favorite, the official athletics' blog (complete with game scores and lineups!) here.

Two interesting things that I wanted to touch on:

  • One game had Tony put a lineup on the court of Baynes, Rochestie, Harmeling, Forrest and Thompson. Howie Stalwick notes this in the Cougfan piece as a potential starting lineup for WSU. I agree, and think it was an intentional "if the season started today" move by Bennett, to see how that lineup works together. However, I wouldn't pencil those five in for the season opener just yet, especially with Tony's love for the three-guard lineup.
  • The final scrimmage was freshmen v. upperclassmen (Enquist counting as an "upperclassman"), and the freshmen won. 14-11, with the aid of three pointers from Klay Thompson and Mike Harthun. Marcus Capers blocked a Rochestie three at the buzzer. I know, it was only seven minutes, but this is an encouraging sign for the 2008-09 Cougars. And Thompson was impressive, a "water is wet"-type statement for all of us that follow Cougar basketball closely.