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A quick look at Idaho State

Or, more accurately, the Bad Luck Bengals. Three of their four losses were in overtime or double overtime. To teams that aren't necessarily pushovers: Hawai'i, Boise State and Dan Monson's Long Beach State.

More recently, they were beat by BYU 85-65. Their only win was a five point victory over Eastern Oregon. Yes, people actually live and work on the East half of Oregon.

Their leading scorer is Amorrow 19.2 points per game.

This is the third leg of a home-away-home series for the Cougars. Last year the Cougars went to Pocatello and defeated ISU 75-45, holding Morgan to eight points. Considering we were ranked, it had to be the biggest home game for the Bengals in quite some time.

Wazzu is favored by 20 at the moment. Vegas likes ISU a little more than some of our previous out-of-conference opponents, but not by much.