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Completely and utterly embarrassed

I'm writing this with 11:46 to go in the game and the Cougars down 57-33, and I'm turning the game off because I can't watch this anymore. By the time you read this, the game will be over. (Although, it's already over, since there just aren't enough possessions left in the game for WSU to come back.)

I am utterly devastated by the second half. Yes, Gonzaga deserves some credit for their ability to convert their transition chances, but let's not kid ourselves: The Cougs absolutely gave this game away. They puked on themselves in every possible way, and there is no legitimate explanation for it. Gonzaga went on their run with exactly one freshman on the floor for WSU.

It's not just that we're getting run; it's that with the turnovers, bad shots, horrendous transition defense and terrible defensive rebounding, I do not recognize the team I'm watching right now. That is what makes me so sick.

Gonzaga may very well prove to be a very good team this year, but tonight was an embarrassment. I know the guys try hard, but man ... I was incredibly emotionally invested in this game, and to have it turn out like this ...

I sure hope I'm over this by tomorrow so I can write something coherent. But I'm having a hard time thinking straight right now.