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Programming note

Hi all -

You'll notice that the number of posts this week have been very slim, save for an excellently timed guest post by Jo-Jo. The good news for you all is that we aren't dead, and actually have very good reasons for the lack of communication.

Nuss is doing his best to fight through several feet of snow and get to a computer where he can work on some good stuff for you guys. He'll also be handling all the game-time festivities for tomorrow's grudge match with Idaho.

Me? I'm getting married tomorrow. That will be followed up by a honeymoon with my lovely bride, one that will last through Christmas. If Victoria gets boring and/or I have Wi-Fi at the hotel, I may drop in a post or two. But don't expect anything.

So, those are the reasons for the shortage. We're not slacking. I promise.

Merry Christmas everyone.