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Interesting stat of the day

I wrote a little while back that WSU's offensive efficiency was proving to be strangely correlated to the percentage of offensive rebounds secured by the Cougs, something not seen in the past couple of years. That correlation is down slightly to +.71 today, but that's still pretty significant.

But that's not today's interesting stat.

Another interesting (and I think related) trend is coming out of that: WSU's offensive rebounding is actually now showing a correlation to its defensive efficiency. It's a -.60 correlation, essentially meaning the better the Cougs rebound the ball on the offensive end, the lower their defensive efficiency.

It kind of makes intuitive sense; after all, if your OE goes up when you rebound your own misses, that means you're making more shots, which makes it easier to get back and set up on defense. And we all know what happens when the Cougs have a chance to get back and set up on defense.

Anyway, just some interesting food for thought for you.