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Reading up on hoops recruit Anthony Brown

We've had a lot of talk here recently on next year's incoming freshman, and the Spokesman's Mike Vlahovich wrote a nice piece on Shadle Park's Anthony Brown, who committed to the Cougs two years ago.

If his coach's scouting report is even remotely accurate, we might be wishing he was playing right now:

“His biggest attribute is as a slasher who can go draw a double team, finish or deliver,” Shadle coach Tim Gaebe said. “He’s pretty smooth and fluid. What’s amazing is he has the ability to dodge a defender and finish or get fouled. It’s something you can’t coach.”

Expect these early commits -- which landed us guys like Nick Witherill and four-star recruit Patrick Simon as well -- to start to go by the wayside for the Cougs. They were a bit of a necessity for a program that was trying to get on the rise and needed to get in on kids super early to have a chance, but that shouldn't be the case too much any more. Here's to hoping Brown continues to develop the way the coaches thought he would.