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On the starters and the rotation

And ... we're back! Hope you all had an awesome Christmas (or any other holiday celebration of your choosing). Just a couple of notes from Vince Grippi's advance for tomorrow's game I thought I'd pass along for your consideration.

First, it sounds to me like Caleb Forrest starting and Nik Koprivica coming off the bench will not be a one-time occurrence:

The Cougars changed their starting lineup against Idaho, bringing Nik Koprivica off the bench and starting 6-foot-8 Caleb Forrest at the power forward position. “I just felt (Caleb’s) play as of late and his senior experience, his leadership, his heart on the floor, I want him out there,” Bennett said. Forrest has told Bennett he would rather come off the bench, but the coach feels it’s a good way to get him more minutes.

And, it looks like Tony Bennett's pretty well got his rotation set heading into Pac-10 play:

The Cougars top eight are pretty set, with freshmen Marcus Capers and DeAngelo Casto joining the five starters and Koprivica. The ninth spot, if Bennett decides to go that deep, is a battle between guard Mike Harthun, wing Abe Lodwick and post Charlie Enquist. All are freshmen. The decision, Bennett said, is usually based on the matchup needed for that game.