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ESPN just reported Sarkisian to UW

Per Joe Schad:

I'm going to operate under the assumption that Schad does not use Chris Mortensen's sources, and therefore this information is true.

The good:

  • Has never been a head coach, NCAA or otherwise
  • Has only been a coach since 2000
  • He's 34, ambitious, and could very well jump ship if the NFL comes calling

The bad:

  • He might be able to recruit Southern California
  • He's not Ty

EDIT (7:15). The other interesting thing about this hire is that Sarkisian has basically been groomed by Norm Chow his whole career. His offensive coordinator when he played at BYU? Chow. His first big coaching gig? Offensive assistant at USC under Norm Chow. Which begs the question: why not just hire Norm Chow?

History aside, the hype around Sarkisian has been tremendous. As you may remember he interviewed for the Oakland Raiders job before pulling out (probably a good career move), and is part of a new Carroll-Kiffin-Sarkisian coaching tree at three of the biggest market schools in college football. Is it just hype, or can he actually build a winner? He's going to have himself a challenge in rebuilding the Huskies.