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No Cougars on All-Pac-10 teams

The Pac-10 announced its all-conference football teams yesterday, and the coaches sent one message loud and clear: All that really matters is that you play on a winning team.

There are 48 first and second team position players. Here are the number of selections as they correspond with the standings:

Place Team All-Pac-10 Pics
1 USC 11
2 Oregon 7
3 Oregon State 8
4 Cal 6
5 Arizona 5
6 Arizona State 2
7 Stanford 3
8 UCLA 3
9 WSU 0
10 Washington 1

In case you're keeping track, that's Bowl Teams 37, Also Rans 9 -- including none for the Cougs and just one for the Huskies.

Make of that what you will, but I point this out because Brandon Gibson was a first team selection last year and a preseason all-American, but he can't get on the first or second team this year? Is he a worse player this year than last? Or did he maybe just have the misfortune of catching passes from five different starting quarterbacks in a completely new offense on one of the worst BCS teams of all time?

I understand performance has something to do with it -- and, let's face it, Gibson didn't always help himself with the dropsies -- but can we use a little common sense here? To make the argument that Gibson isn't one of the top four receivers in the Pac-10 is ridiculous.

Oh, and "congratulations" also to Kenny Alfred and Greg Trent who, along with Gibson, were named Honorable Mentions.