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Welcome to CougCenter!

Well, here we are – the newest (and we hope most comprehensive) addition to the WSU Cougars' blogosphere: CougCenter, a collaborative effort between myself, Grady Clapp and Sports Blog Nation.

This will be (if I may borrow a phrase) an all Cougars, all the time site. We'll focus mostly on football and men's basketball, but there will be content on the other sports as well. Ultimately, we hope that if you're a Coug fan, this becomes your first and most regular destination on the Web.

If you're here today, you probably found your way as a reader of one or both of our former blogs, either Stadium Way or WSU HOOPS. We plan to continue and expand on that coverage, and we hope that once you make your way around the site and see all that it has to offer, you'll be as unbelievably excited about this move as we are.

If you're not familiar with SB Nation, the biggest thing that makes this network so awesome is that it's all built around fan participation. Grady and I don't pretend that our opinions are the only ones that matter, and SB Nation gives you the chance to contribute substantially to the site. Once you create your SB Nation account and join CougCenter, all kinds of opportunities open up for you.

  • Commenting: Of course, this is the most basic of contributions to any blog, but we think SB Nation does it better than anyone. You'll like the nested display of the comments, and we think you'll love the live updating feature that is especially awesome in game threads. (You can see a great one in action at Lookout Landing, the awesome SB Nation Mariners blog.)
  • FanPosts: Not satisfied with commenting on something we wrote? Think we're full of crap and that you know better than we do, but need some space write it? Think there's something we missed that you saw? FanPosts is your place. And when I say "your place," it's exactly that – the place where everyone other than the authors can write what's on their mind in their very own blog post. Our desire is that the FanPosts really become the lifeblood of the site.
  • FanShots: Found something cool, like a link, photo or video, but don't need a full FanPost for it? You can drop it in the FanShots.
  • Recommendations: If you see a blog post, FanPost or FanShot that you like and you think other people should read, give it a recommendation – that's how the best ones get some staying power and don't get lost on the site.
  • Blog Browsing: We're just one of over 130 blogs here at SB Nation, including 37 college blogs, six of which represent Pac-10 schools. We hope you'll take the time to visit and join some of the other sites on the network. And if you're wondering which of the schools the Cougs play have sites, you can look at the schedule on the right-hand side of the main page. The opponents with stars next to them have SB Nation blogs.

For more details on how to make the most of SB Nation, you can check out the Welcome Guide. We really hope you'll take the time to create an account and surf around the site to see what's available. And if you have any questions or suggestions, you know where to find us.

Welcome aboard!