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Rochestie's parents are off the hook

Just a quick piece of news to pass along this evening: Taylor Rochestie is officially back on scholarship.

I'm sure you're all familiar with the history of this story, of Rochestie giving up his scholarship for his senior year so the program could sign Marcus Capers. Well, with the departures of Stephen Sauls and Thomas Abercrombie, there was one left over. Bennett, in as classy a move as it was for Rochestie to give it up in the first place, gave it back to Taylor.

This move has literally no long term effects on the team, other than to show what a class act Bennett is, and why his players absolutely sell out for him and the program.

I love Cougar basketball.

In a related note, if you missed it in the myriad links below, you can tell Rochestie what a great guy he is yourself on Saturday if you're going to the game – he and Aron Baynes will be signing autographs in the Exhibition Center from 10 a.m. until noon.