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Cougs Make ESPN's Bottom 10

I figured this day would come, but what shocks me is where the Cougs are ranked among the ten worst teams in the country:

2. Washington State 0-2 "Time Will Tell": Are the Cougars really this bad? Well, after two games, they are No. 118 in scoring defense and No. 117 in total offense.

The 2 spot, by the way, was held last week by... the Idaho Vandals! Rough times on the Palouse. Idaho, by the way, gets the week off from the countdown thanks to a win over Idaho State.

I guess it only makes sense after the drilling by Cal, but I really don't believe the Cougars are the second worst team in the entire country. Maybe that's partly why there's the "time will tell" qualification/song reference made by ESPN writer David Duffey. Honestly, I was hoping the Cougs would occupy the #5 spot, usually reserved for a successful program that suffers an embarrassing loss the previous weekend. Perhaps those ten-win seasons are farther removed than I thought.

And as for the dreaded 0-fer, it's probably not likely this year. 13 games, and two winnable ones right in front of us (at Baylor, Portland State). So don't expect 0 and 13 from this squad. But the offensive rankings cited are awful, and perhaps one of the big reasons that Wulff has decided the starting QB for the Baylor contest is a game-time decision.