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Pac-10 Closer: Fight On

Grady Clapp is the Pac-10 closer, guiding you through the week that was in the Conference of Champions. When does basketball season start again?

USC 35, Ohio State 3 - I am a Paul Wulff fan. Don't get me wrong. But there was a moment during this game where the announcers talked about Steve Sarkisian and I thought, "hey, he might make a good head coach".

Baylor 45, WSU 17 - You may have noticed the "Bring Erin Andrews to Pullman" banner at the top of the page. This is a campaign I am starting because of the severe lack of Erin Andrews' presence on the Palouse. But it's about more than that. It's about national exposure. Last year, we had only one ABC game where Brent Musberger and Steve Lavin allowed the entire nation (or at least the west coast) to view Kyle Weaver embarrass OJ Mayo. But we deserve more - we are Andrewsworthy. Certainly not in football at the moment, but definitely in basketball. It's time for ESPN to give her the wonderful assignment that is Pullman.

Oregon 32, Purdue 26 - Don't underestimate the importance of a good win on the road. The Ducks will be happy about this one later.

Maryland 35, Cal 27 - This doesn't help us look any better.

TCU 31, Stanford 14 - This doesn't help Oregon State look any better.

Oregon State 45, Hawai'i 7 - And The Beavs are back! ...maybe.

BYU 59, UCLA 0 - OK. This season is getting ridiculous.

UNLV 23, Arizona State 20 - Really ridiculous.

New Mexico 36, Arizona 28 - Yep.

Oklahoma 55, Washington 14 - I'm fairly certain Ty left the stadium at halftime to mail in his application for the Arizona job.

Overall: 17-7 (5-5)
Against the Spread: 11-12 (3-7)