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Buy Bill Doba's House

As much as you may have wanted Bill Doba's job over the past four years, you can at least have part of the old ball coach's lifestyle.

His house.



Here's the description, courtesy of Pullman's Beasley Realty:

Come See! Come Buy! Gary Kazda Home!  Enjoy this prime family home located on Pioneer Hill near Franklin Elem!  Enjoy the gorgeous backyard, the extended deck and Hot Tub!  So many amenities!  Sauna, Hot Tub, Wet Bar, Heated Driveway, 2 Yr new appliances, Granite Counters, Plantation Shutters...Even a Pool Table for the family!  Ideal for entertaining!

It's going for $374,500, or roughly $46,813 per exclamation point. So many amenities!

No, I don't know who Gary Kazda is. Maybe an insider from Pullman's building community could enlighten us. Still, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive home and park your car on the heated driveway that William Doba once walked on. You can also have your friends dress up as Robb Akey, Mike Levenseller, Jim Sterk and co. and re-enact a Doba dinner party! Who wants sangria?!?

All kidding aside, it would've been really sweet to play pool with Doba - he's probably pretty decent. Hut tubbing, on the other hand... count me out.