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Gary Rogers Appreciation Thread

Is there a quarterback on the face of the Earth with worse luck than Gary Rogers?

Rogers was discharged from Pullman Regional Hospital today after being driven off the field in an ambulance during yesterday's game. His injury - a neck fracture, but luckily not one serious enough to effect his spinal chord or his cognitive function. The rehab time: an estimated three to four months.

The problem is that in three months the season will, in all likelihood, be over. Even if the Cougs miraculously make a Bowl game, they would probably want to stick with the quarterback (Lopina or the Lobster) that got them there. So Rogers is probably done for the season, as well as his career.

Rogers had four chances at quarterback, and all of them ended terribly:


1. Rogers leads 90-yard touchdown drive against Auburn. Result: benched

2. Alex Brink ineffective in first half against California. Rogers starts the second half. Result: shoulder injury before the end of the 3rd quarter


1. Rogers starts season, struggles with new offense in six quarters of play. Result: benched

2. Kevin Lopina injured; Rogers comes in and leads Cougars to TD on his first drive. Result: neck injury on the next drive, probably out for the season

It just doesn't seem fair. Rogers could have transferred two years ago, and just about every WSU fan would have understood. He didn't. He stuck with the Cougs, waited patiently behind a NFL-drafted QB, and took his chance when he got it. Now his college career is likely over.

It's one thing for him to be benched, or ineffective, it's another to go out this way. No one deserves an injury like that. We wish him a speedy recovery and thank Rogers for staying committed to WSU.

So, in honor of Gary Rogers, let's have one more look at the drive that made him famous:

WSU's Rogers Drive at Auburn 358Kbps (via jrm1504)

The good news is that starting QB Kevin Lopina's injury appears to be a badly bruised right shoulder, meaning he has not yet been ruled out of playing against Oregon this Saturday.

Even if he can't go, Marshall Lobbestael (a.k.a 'The Lobster', if you didn't catch that earlier) was impressive in the game against Portland State, throwing for 149 yards on 9 of 12 passing, with 2 TDs and 0 interceptions.

[By the way, with Rogers out we're down to three "L" quarterbacks - Lopina, Lobbestael and Levenseller]

Even with the Rogers injury, there is now hope for this Cougar football team. They play a physically and emotionally injured Oregon team this week. The offense finally came alive with a 24 point third quarter, and the defense held the Vikings to only 8 rushing yards. (By the way, Jerry Glanville, when you're playing a team with a horrible rushing defense, 49 passing attempts and 11 rushing attempts doesn't seem like a solid game plan. I know running isn't your team's style, but didn't you used to coach in the NFL? You should know better.) Who knows? Maybe the Cougs can pick up their first conference win on Saturday.

Anyway, thanks Gary. It shouldn't have ended this way.