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Pac-10 Closer: Week 2

Grady Clapp is the Pac-10 closer, guiding you through the week that was in Pacific-10 conference football. Sort of like a closer in baseball, only with less talent and more occasionally funny remarks. He officially hates Jeff Tedford for going for it on fourth down up 52-3.

(15) BYU 28, Washington 27 - The only thing worse than the excessive celebration call on Jake Locker? The fact the Pac-10 defended the crew that made it. Yep, this is the conference we're a part of. Although if the Huskies make the PAT, we aren't talking about this.

(19) Penn State 45, Oregon State 14 - Anyone else feel like the Beavers may not be able to dig themselves out of their early hole (0-2) this year?

Oregon 66, Utah State 24 - The USU Aggies (24 pts) actually outscored the Huskies (10 pts) at Autzen. The Duck offense looks nearly unstoppable.

Arizona 41, Toledo 16 - Idaho, Toledo, at New Mexico? Is it too late to go back and trade Arizona for our first three games? The Wildcats still look like a bowl team.

(15) Arizona State 41, Stanford 17 - In one game, both the ASU team we were expecting and the Stanford team we were expecting show up. After two weeks, the top teams in the conference look very good. Bad news for us.

It was a perfect week for my win/loss picks, but Arizona and the Cougs spoiled what could have been a perfect week against the point spread.

Overall Record: 12-2 (6-0)
Against the Spread: 8-5 (4-2)