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Rogers: "We'll be 2-2 in two weeks"

Per Cougfan:

“We have two games ahead of us we're going to win. And I think we need to battle back and we'll be 2-2 in two weeks."

It's not an unrealistic expectation, with back-to-back games at Baylor and home against Portland State.

It's also nice to hear Rogers speak with some confidence after the Cougars' worst loss in history. But the passing game has been unacceptably horrible in the first two weeks. Rogers' numbers: 22/45, 160 yds, 1 TD and 3 INT. His longest pass of the year is 18 yards. Kevin Lopina may suddenly have an opportunity at taking his job.

If the Cougars are to salvage the 2008 season, it has to start with Rogers. In terms of WSU's bowl hopes, the Baylor game is a must win. We have to come out swinging.

Or, in Rogers' case, passing.

Another silver lining: Wulff's old team, Eastern Washington, got within 7 points of beating a good Colorado team yesterday.