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In Defense of Glenn Johnson

Recently, on this blog as well as the Cougfan forums, there has been a striking amount of criticism for Cougar PA announcer Glenn Johnson and how he handled Saturday's game. Mostly from Cal fans, and a bit from Cougar fans as well. Is it warranted? My opinion is that it absolutely is not.

First, you have to consider Glenn Johnson the man. He is the mayor of Pullman. He is an excellent communications professor. He represents the University consistently with dignity and class. He's the perfect home field announcer: he announces the game with usually a fair mix of riling up the crowd and unbiased commentary. The "and that's another... (crowd: Cougar first down!)" is a staple of WSU home games and is a tradition for several other schools in addition to Wazzu. He's volunteered as a public information officer for both the Pullman Police and Fire departments. He shows up for work every day for all of his multiple jobs with no complaints and no excuses, even after being hospitalized last summer for stroke-like symptoms.

His comment asking if Cal third-string quarterback Brock Mansion was "available" following a play on Saturday was apparently supposed to be off-mic, according to a source. Just one of a series of technical gaffes in the Cougs' first game with the new scoreboard. His statement "Sean Young is back to receive for Cal... again", may have been a little offensive to some Coug fans. But you have to understand Glenn Johnson has occasionally slipped in a pithy remark or two from time to time. And the intent, believe me, is never malicious. Simply meant as a joke. Often, it's well received - after all, sports aren't supposed to be as serious as we usually make them.

Glenn has dedicated three decades of his life to serving the people of Pullman and WSU. He has supported the Cougs through good times and bad and deserves the right to make an off-hand remark here and there.

I appreciate the feedback from the last post I made, but respectfully disagree with it in regards to Johnson. Trust me - he's one of the good guys in college athletics.