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COTY First Round: #3 Derrick Low vs. #14 Robbie Cowgill

Coug of the Year continues, with an intriguing matchup on tap. It's the first time in the competition that two WSU teammates have met up - not surprising, though, as the entire starting five from last year's men's basketball team finds themselves in the bracket. And for good reason. There's no understating the impact of a Sweet Sixteen appearance on a school and a program that has seen limited basketball success in the last six decades.

Derrick Low is the clear favorite in this matchup; one has to wonder if even Cowgill himself would vote for D-Low in this one. Still, there's something about Cowgill you have to like - whether it's the midrange jumper, the low post defense, or the fact ESPN's Bill Simmons likened his appearance to a member of Greenpeace.

Even after saying that, my vote still goes to Low.

[Hat tip to BHarmon1975 for both videos below]

#3 Derrick Low

#14 Robbie Cowgill