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Get excited ... but not too excited, OK?

What a great weekend for the Cougs. For a team that looked like it was on the verge of slipping into irrelevance, getting a sweep on the road is huge. I don't care that it came against Oregon State and Oregon. We beat two teams that we should have beat.

Not only that, but we beat two completely different teams in terms of style and talent. Oregon is the kind of athletically gifted team we would have figured out a way to lose to earlier this year. We're getting better, and that's cause for excitement.

Does this mean we're ready to contend for the conference title? Um, no. So you can temper your enthusiasm just a little bit, if that's where your mind has wandered. But they're clearly improving -- especially on offense -- and that bodes estremely well for us, as we generally continued to play excellent defense this weekend.

So, enjoy it folks. We've got UCLA coming to town on Thursday. Win that one, and I'll give you full permission to go crazy.

By the way, how about this? Taylor Rochestie: 84 minutes, 44 points, 14 assists ... and TWO turnovers.

Yeah, I'd say he's back.