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Your latest evidence that the people who run the Pac-10 are stupid

Fair warning.


The Pac-10 basketball season kicks off today with a quartet of games on a funky Friday/Sunday schedule because of New Year's Day. While I'm working on a mini Pac-10 preview post for tonight, I just had to put this out there:

The people who run the Pac-10 are stupid.

Do you realize that you cannot watch No. 17 Arizona State at undefeated Stanford tonight, no matter what cable package you have? Additionally, most likely the only game you'll be able to catch is UCLA at Oregon State, which is being broadcast nationally by FSN? Boy, that should be a great freaking game.

You actually can watch USC at Oregon right now if you have Comcast Sports Net Northwest, and you can watch Arizona at Cal at 5:30 p.m. on FCS. But that's beside the point: Why does this conference make it so damn tough to watch its games? It's a joke.