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Fun with stats

Guess who:

Player A : 25.0 eFG%, 0 for 5 3-pointers, 72.3 ORtg

Player B: 26.5 eFG%, 12% 3-pointers, 53.7 ORtg

Player C: 39.3 eFG%, 9.1% 3-pointers, 79.3 ORtg

Certainly player C is the leader in eFG%, but struggled mightily with 3-point percentage, and only has a slightly higher offensive rating than player A. Player B is the weakest overall, but is the best threat from distance. If you can call 12% threatening.

So who are they?

Player A is Marcus Capers

Player B is Abe Lodwick

Player C is Kyle Weaver's freshman year


Don't forget how young this team still is.