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Your recruiting roundup as signing day draws near

We've had a lot of excitement in these parts regarding how the 2009 recruiting class is shaping up for Paul Wulff. And although the Cougs have slipped just a little bit (now 8th according to, it still far outdistances anything we could muster in the last three years, when the Cougs were 10th, 10th and 9th in the Pac-10.

If you're curious about the national buzz -- if you can call it that -- surrounding the Cougs, here are some snippets. We'll pass along what we find each day for your perusal, and if you happen to run across something else, drop it in a FanShot and we'll promote it to the front page.

Naturally, this all comes with the obligatory caution to not get too worked up, because we won't know the real value of this class for two or three years, blah blah blah.

First, this snippet from Craig Haubert at ESPN Scouts, Inc. (there's more if you click the link):

Much recruiting emphasis has been put on attracting in-state talent -- the Cougars can boast being the current Apple Cup champs -- and in California. Of their 18 prep commitments, 14 hail from one of those two states. A solid get from outside those two areas is Darren Markle (Meridian, Idaho/Mountain View) an inside linebacker who is tough versus the run. Fans need to keep an eye on Chris Mastin (Spokane, Wash./Lewis & Clark), a high-motor defender who could land at end or outside linebacker. He is undersized but fun to watch and should be able to make some plays in Pullman.

Then, there's this awesome quote from Tom Luginbill, ESPN's national recruiting director. Clearly, the guy has done his homework on the Cougs:

Not hearing much on that front. They have a long way to go and must also have a significant presence in California to have a chance.

Boy, that's insight for you. Signing day is Feb. 4.

Hat tip to Vince Grippi at SportsLink for digging up these links.