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The easiest bets in sports today?

Even when I'm in Vegas, I generally don't bet on sports -- especially college sports, since we're dealing with the whims of guys who are between 18 and 23 years old.

Please, please don't construe this as betting advice, but I couldn't help but notice the lines on tonight's games involving the two Washington schools. The Huskies are only laying 1 at Arizona, and the Cougs are getting a whopping 11 in Tempe.

I know the Vegas lines are designed to get half of the betting on either side, so I'm sure at least some of this is perception. People still think Arizona is good because of its name, and people still don't know a lot about Washington. But if you believe the Huskies will win -- as I do -- then you have to believe they'll win by more than one. Even Pomeroy thinks so, predicting a 73-70 win with 60 percent confidence.

As for the Cougs, getting 11 in a mid-50s possession game is a lot, especially between a pair of teams that have a history the last couple of years of coming down to the wire. Pomeroy predicts a 56-46 win for ASU, but I think that discounts the recent strides the offense made. I don't see a double-digit loss for this team, do you?