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How desperate are we for outside shooting tonight? This desperate ...

They're starting a 3-point specialist who's just 2-for-15 from 3-point range in Pac-10 play. Per Grippi's morning post today:

Monday, Bennett worked with senior Daven Harmeling, who has scored just 10 points in Pac-10 play, adjusting Harmeling’s release and the arc of his shot. Harmeling, who last started in the conference opener against Washington, is slated to start at the small forward tonight.

I hadn't really noticed Harmeling's shot being all that flat, but it would make intuitive sense, given all the shots of his that have rimmed out this year -- especially lately. As someone who does almost all his damage in pickup ball from downtown (mostly because I lack the athletic ability to do anything else), sometimes it's just that little bit of arc that makes all the difference in the world to get that friendly bounce.

With the news that Harmeling is starting, don't be surprised if you see hear Bud tell you that the Cougs are running some specific sets designed to get him some open looks early. They used to do that with Derrick Low to try and get him going, and I really don't see the purpose in starting Harmeling unless this is what you're trying to accomplish.

The bottom line is that we absolutely, positively need Harmeling -- or someone -- to shoot well from outside tonight. The only reliable way to beat a zone is to hit 40 percent of your 3s, whether it's 4-of-10 or 8-of-20. If you don't make a team pay for collapsing that zone inside, you really stand no chance.