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COTY 2008 First Round: #1 Tony Bennett vs. #16 Tase T. Lentil

It's the first round of the 2008 Coug of the Year competition here on CougCenter! Here's the final bracket (click to enlarge):


Now it's up to you, Coug Nation. I expect the first round to be smooth sailing for our top seed, Mr. Anthony G. Bennett. His opponent is Pullman Lentil Festival mascot, and perennial mascot race loser, Tase T. Lentil.

Polls are open for 72 hours from the time of the post. One vote per person and no messing around. This is serious stuff, man. Vote early, and vote often, through multiple computers if you think it's necessary.

#1 Tony Bennett


-Coached WSU to the Sweet Sixteen
-Is awesome
-Turned down Indiana
-Turned down Cal
-Turned down Marquette
-Turned down LSU
-Turned down Oklahoma State and/or any other schools with a coaching vacancy, depeding on who you ask

#16 Tase T. Lentil


-Introduced literally tens of kids to the magic of lentils.