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Caleb Forrest's cheap shot

Might as well address this.

It was stupid. It was wrong, and the correct call was made on the floor. Caleb should, and probably will, be disciplined by Tony for it. Sometimes emotions take over in a game, but there was no excuse for this. Even if Gant provoked it - and considering Gant was assessed for a technical of his own, he must have done or said something that we can't see or hear on the video. Doesn't matter. We should've shown more class than the Huskies, something that would have been very easy to do.

What makes me mad, as a Coug fan, is the double standard some Husky fans have. This is something to write the Pac-10 office about, while Tim Morris' ball-off-the-face cheap shot (see below) is perfectly defensible. You can't have it both ways. Either you are OK with both of those plays or you are angry about both of them. I don't think either one can be defended.

Or, as FSN calls it, a "smart play with no timeouts". Sure, let's go with that.