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COTY 2008 First Round: #4 Paul Wulff vs. #13 Jeshua Anderson

We now turn our attention to the Rick Neuheisal Region, which may very well be the most competitive in the battle for 2008 Coug of the Year.

There's some tremendous upset potential in this group. The 5-12 matchup, always dangerous, features women's coach June Daughery against Aussie Center Aron Baynes. But first, we have the 4-13 battle between football coach Paul Wulff and one of his own players, Jeshua Anderson. Wulff has been a prominent figure in Cougar sports this year, but a lot of it may have been for the wrong reasons (e.g. losing). Jeshua Anderson may be able to outrun, and probably even hurdle over, CPW in this one. Can Wulff use his recruiting skills to survive to round two? Your votes decide.

#4 Paul Wulff





Recruited. And really well, so far.

#13 Jeshua Anderson


NCAA Champion.

USA Junior Champion.

World Junior Champion.

MIsses the olympics - but can you really blame a guy who failed to qualify behind the three guys that won the Gold, Silver and Bronze in China?

Also, a pretty decent wide receiver.