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COTY 2008 First Round: #5 June Daugherty vs. #12 Aron Baynes

Ah, the 5/12 matchup. On any given year you can see two or three of these, at least, go to the lower seed. That's how it is in the NCAA tourney, anyway. For Coug of the Year, it's up to your votes.

This matchup is intriguing, and I wouldn't be shocked if it goes to the underdog. In one corner, a women's coach who left the dark side for a chance at redemption at WSU. In the other corner, a 6'10" center from the land down under who has been dominating.

You better run. You better take cover.

#5 June Daugherty


Came back from a heart attack last year to reel in a Top 25 recruiting class, and build a team that has actually played up to par with the men. Question is: Can the Cougar women finally make it to the postseason, after years of absolutely horrific basketball?

#12 Aron Baynes

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