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Back from the game

  • Patrick Christopher was virtually unchallenged on most of his made baskets. He was either left alone after a defensive breakdown or loose ball, or just plain wide open after a designed screen.
  • This team has some serious rebounding issues. The biggest difference between the mid-majors we stomped on and the Pac-10 so far is that we can't handle bigger, more athletic players on the boards.
  • Don't blame Taylor Rochestie for this one. There was a stretch in the second half where he basically said, "Screw it, I'm taking over the offense". And you know what? He did. Problem is that all he was doing was trading baskets with Christopher.
  • This was a one man show. Neither team had anyone in the same stratosphere as Patrick Christopher tonight. For someone who looks like the poor man's LeBron - right down to the beard and jersey number - he certainly played like it. I don't mean that as a slight.
  • The offense looked inept in stretches once again. What happened to the extra pass? What happened to catching and shooting? This team really is allergic to points - they hesitate on open shots in rhythm but will then put it on the floor and take a worse shot closer to the basket.
  • I'm in denial. We just can't be this bad. There's no way. This team is getting closer and closer to putting 40 minutes together against a major conference opponent, and for some reason we just can't pull it out. That has to change as the season goes on. Right?
  • It was nice to see Abe Lodwick play. It was not nice to see him fail to get a shot attempt.
  • If you're going to burn Mike Harthun and Nick Witherill's redshirts, at least play them once in a while.
  • This team looked at its best with a mix of young and old on the floor. I'm tired of the upperclassman (and Klay) only lineup. It's time to integrate. Marcus Capers, DeAngelo Casto et. al can play. Give them a chance.
  • This was the first time tonight that I saw a real fire in this team. They know the season is slipping away. Taylor Rochestie did his best to try and fire the crowd up and keep the team in it. But this time, our normally reliable defense cost us just as much down the stretch as the offense did.
  • This was just like the old days - a half-filled arena*, a frustrating loss, and getting outcoached by Mike Montgomery. The more things change...

*But notice how I didn't say half-empty arena. Always the optimist.