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In most places, a 27-14 loss would not be considered success. But WSU is not most places right now.

The defense generated six turnovers. The offense scored two touchdowns, including one that flashed just what kind of a playmaker Johnny Forzani could be. We kept it within the 21-point spread. All of those things are positive.

But the defense still gave up more than 400 yards, including 217 on the ground. We gave up nine sacks to a team that only had three entering today -- and that team had played Idaho State. We still had dumb mistakes, like two delay of game penalties. Take away the 99-yard touchdown to Forzani, and Jeff Tuel was just 8-of-20 for 67 yards with a TD and two interceptions.

Did I mention that we generated six turnovers -- and could only score 14 points?

Surely, there were positives, but there were lots of negatives, too.

So I ask you: How will you evaluate this game?