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AUDIO: Ball, Walden on KJR with Furness

Defensive coordinator Chris Ball and the Coach, Jim Walden, made their weekly appearances with Ian Furness on 950-AM KJR in Seattle today. Both are interesting and definitely worth your time.

Ball talks just a little bit about the performance on Saturday, and then the conversation ends up turning to recruiting and how excited all of the coaches are for the future. The most interesting thing in there is that Ball believes next year is when we should start to see some really competitive football. Let's just say his comments won't exactly do anything to turn down the hot seat next year.

Walden hits on a familiar refrain, talking a little bit about the game but settling on the difference in talent between WSU and the rest of the conference. He's been banging that drum all year, but it's still interesting to listen to.

One last audio note. You've probably grown used to listening to Paul Wulff's press conferences on Tuesdays. He didn't have one today because of the bye, so none of that this week. However, we will still have our regular podcast out sometime tomorrow.