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Congratulations, Idaho

The Idaho Vandals do not yet have a SB Nation Blog, nor have they had much hope in the last several football seasons.

Well, after today, the Idaho Vandals are 6-1. Bowl eligible. They did it with the help of stout former Cougar running back DeMaundray Woolridge, who netted four touchdowns. They also did it against a Hawai'i team who slaughtered us no less than five weeks ago.

I would say something about how even though I support Paul Wulff, Robb Akey is going to become a hot name among coaching circles very quickly. But the fact of the matter is that us Coug fans have all been in the position where the media projects our successful coaches going elsewhere, and usually they do. As happy as Vandal fans must be, a part of them have to wonder if this is the beginning, or the beginning of the end. For now, they should just enjoy the ride.

And so should we. I've always felt some comradery with Idaho, what with Moscow being one of the cooler cities in Idaho (though that's not saying much), and with the certain amount of self-depricating humor I've heard from a lot of their fans. They're ashamed their sports teams suck so bad. They've been looking for any shred of help this decade. They thought they got it when Dennis Erickson arrived a few years back. Obviously that wasn't the catalyst.

I think it goes without saying this Idaho team would most likely beat us. They may be the biggest speed bump remaining on Boise State's quest for a BCS Bowl game. The Vandals will go to a Bowl if they continue to play like this, and they deserve it.

So, raise a glass to the Idaho Vandals tonight. And then drink it, because that's about the only way left to get through this WSU football season.

(Or, better yet, raise it for the Seattle Sounders, who overcame a 2-1 deficit on the road to clinch their first MLS playoff birth.)